Story Mill Riparian Planing and Fencing - Volunteer Opportunity

May 26th, 2023 10:00am to 12:00pm

Join Trout Unlimited (Gallatin Home Rivers Initiative) and the Gallatin Watershed Council to give one of our community’s favorite parks a little love! Come plant trees and install fencing to protect sections of streambank on the East Gallatin River on Friday, May 26th at 10am at Story Mill Community Park. 

In 2018, multiple streambanks along the East Gallatin River in Story Mill Park were enhanced to reduce erosion, improve water quality, and restore stream and wetland function. While much of this restoration work has been successful, the stream bank adjacent to the dog park isn’t keeping pace with the rest of the project. Due to the high traffic in this area, vegetation has been trampled and the bank is being eroded. 

Riparian buffers, the vegetation along streambanks, are crucial in protecting our local waterways. The strong roots of these native plants play a key role in stabilizing the banks and preventing erosion, filtering pollutants before they enter waterways, mitigating overland flow, and maintaining rich habitat for critters. 

With support from Bozeman Parks wetland mitigation funding, TU and the Gallatin Watershed Council will work with volunteers to install 63 native plants to 0.20 acres of wetland to diversify riparian species along the East Gallatin, and to further protect the restored streambank. Species that will be planted include dogwood, cottonwood, woods rose, chokecherry, and aspen. Behind the new plantings, 400 ft of JackLeg fence will be installed to discourage trampling of the native plants and streambanks while plantings become established. 

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